Small Business & Self-Employed Independent Contractor Resources for COVID-19 pandemic

Here’s a collection of assorted resources regarding immediate subsidies for small business owners. Right now I’m focusing on federal level assistance, if you’re in Portland there are local resources. None of the following constitutes legal, bookkeeping or accounting advice. General Info Lost Work Because Of Coronavirus? How To Get Unemployment, Skip Loan Payments And More … Read more

Bozz Media Welcomes All / Non-Discrimination Policy

Bozz Media reaffirms our commitment to welcoming people of ALL ages ALL races ALL religions ALL countries of origin ALL genders ALL sexual orientations ALL abilities Bozz Media Respects Civil Rights Bozz Media is committed to conducting business and providing services without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, national origin, gender identity, sexual … Read more

Using Your Custom Domain Email Forwarders with Gmail

For Bozz Media Web Hosting clients. If you do not use Google Apps or MS Exchange server, you may end up utilizing email forwarding addresses via your webserver, such as, to both send and receive email with your gmail account (ex:  This is a walk through for setting that up. Important Note: For … Read more

Get to Know Your WooCommerce Order Status Definitions

When reviewing or fulfilling an order, you will notice each order has a status that reflects where the order is in your order fulfillment pipeline.  There are quite a few options for an order’s status, some are modified manually by you the Shop Manager, while others are changed by the order system itself. Here are … Read more

WordPress Page & Post Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Using these keyboard shortcuts can be helpful when editing a lot of content on your Bozz Media website. Action Windows Mac Insert a link Alt + Shift + A Option + Shift + A Apply a blockquote Alt + Shift + Q Option + Shift + Q Unordered list item Alt + Shift + U … Read more